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 Medical OxygenNitrous OxideOur product range comprises of the following Medical Gases:

Medical Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide etc., We also supply Gases in  Cylinder trailers and undertake Pipeline works for gases and supply Tankers for liquid gases.

Full line of products and services to streamline your medical gas-supply operation and reduce the stress of gas-supply management.

With the forces of managed care and intensified competition rapidly reshaping the health care environment, medical institutions are searching for innovative ways to find the cost savings and operating efficiencies they need without compromising the quality of patient care. Increasingly, they are turning to their suppliers for help. That's why, in addition to a complete line of high-quality medical gases and related gas-handling equipment, R.V. Distributors has developed an unmatched support program with service options that can help make management of your gas supply easy, cost-effective, and trouble-free.
Our flexible supply system, ranging from individual cylinders and cylinders sets to large permanent liquid tanks, means we can guarantee you a competitive gas supply whatever your needs be.

Oxygen supply system
Option I Option II
Liquid Medical OXYGEN (LMO) Compressed Medical Oxygen (CMO)
Through vacuum Insulated Cold Convertors Through High Pressure Cylinders


Liquid Medical Oxygen (Lmo)  Liquid Medical Oxygen (Lmo) Liquid Medical Oxygen (cmo)

PORTACRYO vs. Cylinders :
PortaCryo Advantage PortaCryo !

  • No stocking of cylinders.
  • No movement and handling of cylinders.
  • Gas delivery at constant pressure.
  • No requirement of high pressure regulators to reduce cylinder pressure.
  • Risk in storage of high pressure cylinders eliminated.
  • Loss of gas due to residual pressure of cylinders is eliminated.
  • Approximate stock capacity of 657 m3 of Nitrogen and 812 m3 of Oxygen which is equivalent to about 94 cylinders of Nitrogen and 116 cylinders of Oxygen.
  • High purity is ensured since the gas is in liquefied (Cryogenic) form and obtained directly from the air separation plant with manufacturers' test / quality certificate, wherever required.


  • Medium and Small Hospitals having either cryogenic liquid or gas application
  • Fabrication Workshops
  • Hospitals and Laboratories
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronic Industries with high purity gas requirements
  • Remote purging
  • Automobile Industries
  • On-site Construction and Demolishing Units.
Technical Specifications for PORTACRYO :
Model   P0912DS
Configuration   Vertical
Gross Volume   972 litre
Net Capacity   924 litre
MOC - Inner Vessel : Stainless Steel, Outer Vessel : Carbon Steel
Inner Vessel Design & Mfg. Code   AD - Merkblatter
Max. Allowable Working Pr.   12.00 kg/cm2 (g)
Capacity of Gas N2 657m3
at 27 ºC   748 kg
  O2 812m3
    1055 kg
  Ar 793m3
    1292 kg
Empty Weight [Approx]   950 kg
Full Weight [Approx] N2 1698 kg
  O2 2005 kg
  Ar 2242 kg
Skid Dimensions (L x W x H)   1600 x 1295 x 2185 mm


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